Smoke Safe With Electronic Hookahs

Hookah or waterpipe smoking has become a hot new trend in America, especially among the 20’s crowd. It is not only considered a fabulous way to socialize with friends, but is also said to be a nice way to spice up the parties. But the question arises – Is it safe? Well, it all depends on what kind of hookah you use, traditional or electronic.

A traditional hookah is an instrument used to smoke flavored tobacco. It usually consists of a bowl (where heated tobacco is placed), water chamber and a rubber hose with one end attached to the mouthpiece and other to the metal body. When a person takes a puff from a hookah hose, the smoke from the heated tobacco passes through water at the bottom of the device into the hose, making it less harsh. However, there can be real dangerous effects of smoking conventional tobacco hookahs, such as several kinds of cancer and gum diseases.

Electronic hookahs on the other hand, have no such effects on health.  Just like the name implies, these devices uses electricity rather than coals to heat the bowl. Since it does not use any coal, it is environment friendly, safe, and convenient. Unlike the conventional hookahs, this smoking gadget is small and portable and also requires little cleaning and maintenance. This is because it does not emit carbon and tobacco smoke, and it also does not use flames that create black soot. With electronic hookahs, all that you get is the flavor (with or without nicotine) and water vapor. You can enjoy it with your friends without worrying about the smell lingering in the room or on your clothes, so can you use it indoors at any time of the day.

The great thing about e-hookah is that, since it does not release harmful tobacco smoke in the air, it is safe for your health as well as those around you. So you do not have to worry about causing harm to others, as well as polluting the environment. What’s more? To smoke an electronic hookah, a cartridge needs to be inserted into a slot in the device which is electrically powered by a very strong rechargeable battery that can last for many hours of usage.

However, electric hookahs are not yet mainstream in the market, but you can order them online. Visit us at and choose from an array of disposable e-hookahs. These hookahs are available in a variety of flavors such as tobacco, menthol, melon, chocolate, cherry, strawberry and a lot more.

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